Vrtustream Dragon Boat Challenge

Virtustream is a provider of cloud computing management software, infrastructure as a service and managed services to enterprises, governments and service providers. It is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

A specialist project team from VirtuStream came together to race the dragon at Surrey Docks Water Sports Centre, 22 colleagues formed 2 rather competitive teams battled it out over 2 rounds and a final to become the best in the office!

Before the racing began, teams were selected through captains and an in-depth briefing took place to show the competitors the basics of dragon boating.

The first round was a test of their speed and ability to work together as one, team Bruce Lee and Jack Lee both scored just over 1:10:00 in round one. Round 2 consisted of Olympic style training for 10 minutes where helms would show the teams different methods of paddling and how to perform as one. This was their chance to communicate together before the final. Round three was the last race for the afternoon teams gave it their all Bruce Lee and Jack Lee both improving on their previous race times by over 10 seconds!

After the racing had finished an Olympic style presentation ceremony was held, with passionate speeches from the team captains, the bar was opened serving cold refreshing drinks and a delicious BBQ was served, exciting moments of the event were shared throughout the evening.

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